“All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates


What defines your digestive system and a healthy gut can be contributed by factors from as early as when you were born and into childhood. This includes if you were born by C-Section or a vaginal birth, if you were breast fed or if you were given more than a few rounds of antibiotics as a child. All these things play a factor in your digestive health. Many suffer from digestive issues from diarreah to constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, IBS and leaky gut. But it’s not just about digestive issues alone, as gastrointestinal health can be the root cause for many other health issues including mental health, poor immune system, autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Although it may sound crazy, we are actually more bacteria than we are human. Inside of all of us, there are 10x more bacterial cells than human cells. Researchers estimate that we have 100 TRILLION bacteria living inside our bodies… and we need every single one of them! It’s this delicate ecosystem of bacteria inside of us (commonly referred to as the microbiome) that keeps us strong and healthy.

There is believed to be somewhere between 300 to 1,000 different species of bacteria that live inside of our gut, with most estimates at about 500. However, many researchers believe 99% of the bacteria comes from only 30 – 40 different species. This is bad news bears! The more diverse/healthy your microbiome is, the healthier you are. There have proven studies that show a person with a diverse microbiome will in turn have improved digestion, absorption, metabolism and a stronger immune system!

The more diverse/healthy your microbiome is, the healthier you are. A less diverse microbiome has been directly liked to over 170 serious health issues, like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, depression, fatigue and brain fog, just to name a few! Our microbiome is completely influenced by everything we consume. The more chemicals, toxins, sugars and artificial junk we put in our body, the lower our diversity becomes.

Scary fact: Taking even ONE dose of antibiotics may permanently reduce the diversity of your gut bacteria. Antibiotics are designed to kill bad bacteria in the body which can be good for an illness, but they also kill the good bacteria in the process which greatly reduce the overall diversity of your microbiome.


With literally hundreds of species of bacteria in our microbiome, it is critical that we must maintain a proper balance of species. If we have too much of one species (or not enough of another), our biome becomes unbalanced and leads to serious health issues.

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria like yeasts and fungus. The good bacteria are called “probiotics” and are critical to a healthy digestive system. These “good guys” help you digest food, eliminate waste, promote healthy immune function and regulate your metabolism. When our digestive system is balanced with 80% good bacteria vs 20% bad bacteria, our digestive system functions at its very best.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial affects of taking a high quality prebiotic or probiotic supplement, linking them to weight management, higher energy levels, mental clarity and a stronger immune system–to name a few.

MSPrebiotic is a resistance starch that feeds and nourish your own natural probiotic which improves and balances your microbiome naturally.

Did you know that 90% of seratonin is produced in your gut?

Digestion, mood, health, and even the way people think is being linked to their “second brain,” i.e. their gut, more and more every day. The Enteric Nervous System, or ENS, is what scientists are calling the 100 million or so nerve cells that line the entirety of people’s gastrointestinal tracts. The main role of the ENS is to control digestion, but in doing so, it communicates back and forth with the brain as to the overall health of the body’s gut, and in turn, its immune system.

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?

When your gut bacteria is balanced, your immune system is also balanced. But when it’s out of balance, so is your immune system. Our microbiome has a HUGE impact on our digestive process and several digestive issues can literally disable your immune system from functioning at full strength. Leaky Gut Syndrome (as an example) is a particularly harmful condition in which your gut/intestinal wall becomes permeable (gets holes in it) and deadly toxins leak out into the body.

So what can you do about it?

Through nutritional changes and supplements, it’s possible to reverse and repair the damage that’s been done to your gut over years of unhealthy diets or imbalances.

With the help of your Nutritional Health Coach implement the “4 R’s” of gastrointestinal and digestive health – Remove; Repair; Restore; and Replace.

1. Remove

a) Allergenic foods: Your Health Coach can walk you through an elimination diet to help determine if you have food sensitivities. The diet involves removing potentially allergenic foods for a length of time, then reintroducing the foods, one at a time, every few days, while monitoring for symptoms.
b) Pathogens: Bacterial and yeast overgrowth, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other toxic substances are common contributors to gut-related symptoms. A variety of tests, medications, and dietary and home remedies are available through your physician or a functional medicine physician to identify and remove pathogens.

2. Restore – with Digestive Enzymes or enzyme rich foods

3. Reinoculate – your gut with good bacteria to help regain a healthy microflora balance. Intestinal microflora are microorganisms that live in our gut and are helpful in aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. This can be accomplished with a variety of foods and supplements:

Prebiotics: Non-digestible resistance starch that nourish the body’s microflora. Which includes MSPrebiotics

Probioitics: Live bacteria that aid the digestive process and keep our gut health and intestinal function strong. Probiotics are available as supplements; purchase a refrigerated brand with live, mixed flora such as lactobacillus and acidophilus.

4. Repair – the lining of your gut through good nutrition—this can take up to six months. In addition to an allergen-free, healthy diet, a variety of foods and supplements may help to reduce inflammation and support cell growth in your digestive tract.

Contact us to find out more information on how to restore your digestive system and create a healthy gut! 

Testimonial from IBS Client

Hi Amanda:    Reaching out to let you know how much I appreciate you and the Just Nutrition program.  As you know, I have suffered with IBS for over 35 years.  Monitoring my stress and food seemed to help, however I really did not know which foods were triggering the flare-ups, until I visited you.  In just 6 weeks of being on your program my IBS symptoms have subsided, I feel so much better, more energy, and to top it off have lost 6 lbs.  I intend to continue following the recommended food choices you shared so I can hopefully keep my IBS in check.  Wow who would have thought certain foods can effect our bodies so negatively, even some of our favourite foods.

Again Amanda, I can not thank you enough for your sound advice.  I must say I was skeptical at first, but your passion, nutrition knowledge and flexibility made it easy to hang in and I’m so glad I did.


Lee Koren, PHR Emeritus

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