My Personal Transformation…


After 20lbs Lost

20 pounds lost in 3 months – best 3 months of my life learning about what foods are good for me. After I had my son I was carrying an extra 20 pounds for 3 years that no matter what I did – working out and what I thought was healthy eating I couldn’t lose a pound. Then after meeting Jim and starting on this program the scale started moving which many others are experiencing as well. Not only this but I feel better. I’ve learned a whole new lifestyle that will stay for me forever and so will you! I can finally fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again, what a great feel!

What I love about this program is that it is not a gimmic or fad diet. It is an overall preventative health program with a side effect of weight loss. You will learn about yourself, what foods are good for you, will teach you how to eat and will create a whole new lifestyle that will last a lifetime. People on the program are feeling better, sleeping well and imbalances are being corrected. They are not craving the foods they once did energy levels are increased and are sleeping better. I love seeing and hearing their results!




LOST OVER 35LBS and 10% BF!




Lost over 20lbs and 7% BF in 2.5 Months!





Take a look at what others are saying…

Working with Amanda was a great decision for me. I tried so many ways to try and shift the weight I gained after enjoying a slimmer look a couple of years ago.  Based on her program, I startLee Koren, PHR Emeritused to see that I was losing weight and body fat for the first time in years. As someone who is comfortable cooking anything, I was able to adapt my shopping purchases to suit Amanda’s recommendations. The interesting thing was that it included all of the kinds of foods I enjoy anyway, as well as cutting out the types of foods that were causing inflammation and blocking my ability to lose weight. I feel better and am starting to look better on my way to a slimmer me again. She has been a great mentor in that regard!  

Ken Muir

Hi Amanda:    Reaching out to let you know how much I appreciate you and the Just Nutrition program.  As you know, I have suffered with IBS for over 35 years.  Monitoring my stress and food seemed to help, however I really did not know which foods were triggering the flare-ups, until I visited you.  In just 6 weeks of being on your program my IBS symptoms have subsided, I feel so much better, more energy, and to top it off have lost 6 lbs.  I intend to continue following the recommended food choices you shared so I can hopefully keep my IBS in check.  Wow who would have thought certain foods can effect our bodies so negatively, even some of our favorite foods.

Again Amanda, I can not thank you enough for your sound advice.  I must say I was skeptical at first, but your passion, nutrition knowledge and flexibility made it easy to hang in and I’m so glad I did.

Lee Koren, PHR Emeritus

You are a genius! I can’t tell you how excited I am to lose inches off my waist.  I have lost 15 pounds, but that doesn’t matter as much as the inches.  I feel sooooo much better and have more energy.  You have made this easy and I’m actually enjoying this process.  


I have worn a few pairs of pants that I haven’t been able to fit into for close to a year.  Seriously… the pants I’m wearing now I couldn’t even come close to buttoning up 6 months ago. You get the drift! Sweaters feel better, pants are better! I just wanted to say how much I am so thankful for your guidance, advise and motivation!!!  

Stacy M

It was time.  Time to make some improvements in my eating habits, time to renew my commitment to health, and it was time to lose some unwanted weight (the last 10 pounds – give or take). As I age, my body doesn’t responding as it did before, so I wanted to learn what my body needs, how it has changed metabolically, and what I should avoid eating so I can feel at my best.  With that mindset, I invested in myself and committed to the Just Nutrition Program.  With Amanda’s help, the web-portal with pages of meal ideas, daily emails, my renewed interest in grocery shopping, and a couple of weight-ins,  I lost 5 pounds and decreased my total body fat by 2% in just 6 weeks. The best part is that I’m no longer on a “plan”,  it’s just the way I eat.  I continue to feel great, my body composition continues to improve, I sleep well, my energy levels are much higher, and I am confident that my results will only continue to amaze me !   Thank you Amanda and the Just Train It team.!


Like many people, I knew I needed to change my eating habits but I didn’t know where to start.  Amanda’s coaching and the Just Nutrition program helped me take control of my diet and realize how much weight I could lose without feeling hungry or lacking energy.  I have lost 20 lbs so far and I feel confident that I can continue using what I have learned from Amanda to reach my goal weight and keep it off. Looking forward to losing the next 20 this challenge!


Amanda and the Just Nutrition program has been a life saver.  Ever since my second child I’ve been steadily gaining weight.  Unsure of how to kick-start weight loss, I tried to eat healthy but nothing seemed to help.  Once I met Amanda she started me on a new  program that helped me to lose weight in a manner that suited me best…with food!  Now, I feel better, I look better, I have energy and I can’t see myself ever going back to the way I was.  Amanda is a fantastic coach that really helps to encourage you and keep you on track.  She is a blessing in my life and I am so very grateful for her and Just Nutrition!

Angela Ting

I’m so excited to be eating such delicious natural foods.  Since April 9: 2018 I have been following the metabolic code phase 1, introduced to me at Just Train it.  Not only have I lost 9 pounds , I feel energetic, and less bloated.  Day to day activities are not a chore.  I look forward to the delicious recipes and meals that I receive daily.  They are easy to prepare, and shared by my entire household.  Thank you Amanda for your continued support.
Maria Nocera Alba

Getting in the nutrition plan with Amanda, I was able to lose 20 difficult pounds, keep it off, eat healthy, know what is the best food for me, the anabolic code was able to direct me to taking the correct supplements that I needed, the bloating in my stomach went away, my mood became better, I was able to sleep better, improved my digestion, my health was better, no more afternoon crashes, my energy level went right up, it was not difficult to stick to the plan, I would definitley recommend the plan to everyone…you won’t regret it.
Marco Zaniolo

“I started the Just Nutrition program on February 1st, 2017 and lost 10 lbs in 1 month and 10 days! I went from 142lbs to 132 lbs. My weight has “yo-yoed” throughout the years and there were times where I would lose a few pounds but gain it back instantly. This is the lowest I have weighed in 5 years. With the Just Nutrition program I am able to lose weight, maintain the weight loss and feel great! I feel more energetic, mobile and confident. Amanda has been such a pleasure to work during this journey!  She is honest, open and helped me achieved my goal! She is a great coach! Not only did I lose weight but I learned a lot about my health and body.

The Just Nutrition meals by Noble Bistro also helped with this journey because I am not the best cook nor do I have time to cook/ portion the food properly. These meals are gluten/ dairy free and taste amazing! I love the diverse menu and how I can order them for lunch and dinner. I feel it made my weight loss journey much easier because I don’t have to worry about grocery shopping and cooking. I place the order and then I have lunch and dinner for a few days. It is very convenient for me with my busy schedule

I would highly recommend this program and the meals for people who want to lose weight and feel great!

Brooke De Oliveira

I highly recommend Just Nutrition, it is a great program that not only helps support proper nutrition and weight loss but also provides supplemental support targeting identified hormonal imbalances.  For me it has enabled me to better understand foods that inhibit weight loss, that create inflammation and foods I have learned that I am intolerant too.  The supplements have been amazing and have helped me better manage stress and address/cure some issues I have dealt with my whole adult life.  It is truly amazing!  Amanda is a caring and supportive Nutritional Coach who truly cares about you and your personal success. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition, weight loss and help meet their personal health goals.
Joanna Walker

I’m starting my third week of the Just Nutrition Program and am really enjoying it.  I’ve lost close to ten pounds and have seen my overall well-being improve.  I’m no longer feeling bloated when I eat meals and my energy levels are very consistent throughout the day.  I also like the amazing variety of recipes and have been mixing and matching them to suit what I have on hand and what I feel like eating that day. Overall, I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made following the program and I look forward to seeing what the next couple of weeks brings!
Peter Reynolds

Thank you Just Nutrition and Amanda! I’ve lost 8lbs in 2 weeks! I feel wonderful! I don’t feel the craving for sweets and the supplements are really working!
Diana Fukakusa

I signed up for the Just Nutrition program in June 2016 to help lose weight leading up to my wedding in September. I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months and was at my lowest weight in over a year for my wedding. The weight loss was only one benefit of the program. The Just Nutrition program has helped improve my eating habits and the program has helped my previous GI issues as well. On top of that, I am getting more uninterrupted sleep meaning I have more energy throughout the day. I know I can lose even more weight and continue getting in better shape as I continue with my exercise and nutrition plan. Thanks Amanda!
Jeff Lam

I’m on the Just Nutrition Program and I have lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks thanks to following the Metabolic Code Plan.  I have never had such great energy and clarity before.  My cravings for simple carbohydrates have almost completely disappeared and I am sleeping soundly each night.  This eating plan is very simple to follow.  “The last 10 pounds” seemed unattainable for years but I am confident that in keeping with this program I will achieve my goal.  A special thanks to Amanda for being so supportive through this process.  I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to greatly improve their health and well being while shedding those pounds!
Mary Barbiero

Once I turned 40, losing weight and staying healthy, became impossible. Every time my kids brought home a cold, I got it. I was gaining weight, even though I was eating well. And even with a regular exercise regiment, I wasn’t able to lose a single pound. 3 weeks ago I began the diet with Amanda at Just Nutrition. I thought it would be hard to stick to the meal plan, and even harder to cut out sugar and alcohol, but after only a few days with the meal plan and supplements I began to notice a huge difference. Within a few short days my jeans began to fit loser and overall I found I was in a better mood. But the big shock was when the kids all came down with the flu – and for the first time ever, I didn’t get it. It’s been 3 weeks, and I’ve lost over 4 pounds. I have an easier time getting up in the morning, my mood has improved, and my cravings for snacks have almost completely disappeared! Amanda has been a great coach, checking in on my progress and offering support throughout – I highly recommend trying the program.
Angie Kramer

I hesitantly started the Just Nutrition program a little over four months ago. I could see the positive effects it was having on my fellow heavy bag hitters but wasn’t sure if “that kind of eating” was sustainable for my activity level…also I love bread and cheese! I’ll never last!

One of the instant changes I noticed was a consistent energy level throughout the day.  No more carb crashes – totally eliminating my concerns over having enough fuel. And it wasn’t just the amount of gas in the tank, but with the supplements and the eating plan you’re filling up the tank with that really nice clean higher octane stuff at the other end of the pump.  High performance fuel.

Not that I would consider myself an unfit and generally grumpy guy before I started the Just Nutrition program but it was amazing how quick and dramatic the changes in my body and mood were.  I was never left asking myself “why am I doing this?” – The results were much too encouraging for any of that!

As for results, I couldn’t be happier with my numbers so far.  Initially I had a goal of losing 10 lbs or so but the effectiveness of the program kept me wanting to reach the next level.  As of today I’m down over 30 lbs and my body fat percentage has plummeted from just shy of 20%  to 10.5%.  Not bad for 42 years old.

Look, you’re reading this because you either want to start on a path to a healthier lifestyle or already into a regular exercise routine trying to figure out the other 50% of the fitness equation.  In either case good for you!  With this program and Amanda’s nutritional coaching YOU WILL MEET YOUR GOALS!

Robert Dowdle

I started coming to Just Train It in July and found that as hard as I worked out I was not able to lose any weight.  The exercise is fantastic but as it turns out, I was not eating properly for my metabolism.  I went to my family doctor and he said “You’re Old, what do you expect?”

I found out about “the Metobolic Code” from Amanda and she has been my coach through my journey.  You can choose to the survey (answer questions) which will give you areas to improve and/or do a blood test.  I did both.  The blood test information is very telling.  It showed me areas to improve (as does the written portion) and what supplements to take.

You will receive a daily email with menu ideas on how to focus in on what is important to eat.  I have been taking the recommended supplements also and found that the scale started miraculously moving.  For me it’s not totally about the scale, it is about feeling healthy with longevity in mind, to go kicking and screaming into old age.

The support and knowledge that Amanda gives you is invaluable.

I highly recommend this to all!

Cindy Bishop

The  Just Nutrition Metabolic Code diet is not just another “diet program,” but rather it is a program that educates you on smart food choices that work well with your body.  Not only did I lose 7 pounds in just a few weeks, but my overall energy has improved.  Since being on the program, I haven’t had that ache in my stomach after eating,  and I never felt hungry or deprived.  I’ve always felt that I ate well, but since starting the just nutrition program I have gained the knowledge and tools to help make smarter decisions.  Amanda is extremely supportive and encouraging and I highly recommend the just nutrition program.
Lisa Almeida

3 months ago I started with Amanda on the Just Train it Nutrition plan. Although working out helped to keep me in some semblance of health, the “bologna sandwich comfort food diet” just wasn’t cutting it.  Two things I was looking for were clarity/simplicity and the right amount of imposed discipline. As well, I realized that I did not want to diet, but to change the way I approach all aspects of my health including weight loss.  Despite my tendency to over- think things, I took Amanda’s advice, handed everything over to her and just did what I was told. After 6 weeks I was down 20 pounds!  A great start and heading toward my goal of losing 30.  Last month brought a heavy work schedule, family celebrations, and a holiday road trip. I was expecting the worst, however sticking to the fundamentals I have learned, I was able to actually lose a couple more rather than stall, or worse, go back up.  My schedule is starting to get somewhat normal again and I am continuing my journey. Today is a little over 3 months since I started and I am just scratching at the 30 pound weight loss mark. Certain behaviours have evolved to a new normal so that I don’t really feel like I am dieting anymore.   Might as well keep going!  Thanks Amanda.
Michael Houghlahan

Today is the last day of my 5th week on the Just Nutrition Program and I’d like to share my experience to date. So far, I have lost 20 pounds – in 5 weeks! I can’t even believe how much success I’ve had on this program as it has been so easy.
After completing the questionnaire and the blood work, I started the Elimination Phase of the program. Having a daily menu guided me through all of my meals and snacks, and I never felt hungry. Actually, all of my sugar cravings have disappeared.
After the first week, I met with Amanda to discuss the results of my blood work and to get my supplements – a lot of supplements! Although I have not been very good at taking all my required daily supplements, they have contributed to the weight loss. At the weigh-in, I had lost 10 pounds in the first week. Obviously this was very motivating but also made me realize that the dairy and wheat that I eliminated from my diet were huge factors in my weight gain, bloating and inflammation to begin with. So, this is not just a diet but rather a lifestyle change. I know I will need to avoid some foods or risk having the associated problems that they present for me.
Along with the nutrition aspect, I’m trying to get to boxing classes 3 times a week, however this isn’t always possible ( as much as I want to, work and 2 young boys, along with my husband, keep me pretty busy).
Since I’ve been on the MetabolicCode program, I have a lot more energy and better sleep, and most importantly for me, the elimination of sugar cravings.
When I first met with Amanda, my goal was to lose 15 pounds. I thought that was a lot because I’ve struggled to lose any weight over the last few years. Now that I’ve already surpassed that goal, I’m aiming for a 30 lb weight loss.
So, because of my success, I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better about themselves.
Thank you to Amanda for all her knowledge, support and guidance through this journey!​
Tina DiGiantammaso

I have struggled with weight pretty much my entire life. The clothes in my closet range from a size 3 all the way to size 20. I have probably tried every fad diet out there. From soup diets to Isagenix, Juicing, 28 day fit, Shakeology, Weight Watchers and even spent thousands of dollars at Dr. Bernstein!!!! While I was successful on some of these programs I could never keep the weight off. The diets deprived me of so many different things that I always found myself anticipating the end, I couldn’t wait until I was no longer on the diet to indulge in carbs carbs and more carbs. And then the weight would pack back on in the blink of an eye.
Finally, I have found something that works! And I wouldn’t even call it a diet! YAY! When I saw Amanda’s results I was like “What am I waiting for???” I got started a little over 8 weeks ago and I have lost a total of 23 lbs to date. I still have a ways to go, but I am so confident that this is something that I can do for the rest of my life! Yes really! The rest of my life- this is my lifestyle now!
My initial goal was to stay on Phase 1 for a total of 1 month and I ended up doing 6 weeks! Yes- imagine! I stayed on the initial phase for longer then they tell you- WHY?? Because I wasn’t starving!! I was feeling great and the weight was coming off! So why continue that for a couple more weeks!!
Aside from the weight loss I have seen so many more benefits. I used to take a minimum of 1 to 2 Tylenol or Advil a day for aches/pains/headaches you name it. Since I began my journey on this program I have had to take probably 1 or 3 or 4 Tylenol/Advil total!!! My headaches/aches/pains are generally non-existent now. After week 1- I felt increased energy levels, I was sleeping better and I was significantly less bloated and swollen!! I could not believe the improvements after just 1 week of treating my body right! Who knew?!?
I am now on phase 2 of the program and I am beginning my reintroductions. The meal plans and exercise plans sent to your email daily are so helpful. There are weekly shopping lists and so many tips! I truly enjoy the Facebook blog community as well where other members on the program share their ideas/meals/recipes and more.
If you have tried everything and feel like nothing will work. TRY THIS! Because believe me, I was there, I was hopeless. And now I feel better than EVER! I am finally doing something for my HEALTH, not just to shed those pounds on that next Yo-Yo diet!!
Vanessa Dunne-Dutra

I think the simplest way to really explain the differences this wonderful program has made in my life is to take you through how I used to feel vs. how I now feel on a typical day. I used to wake up in the morning feeling sluggish, upset with my previous day’s food choices, and I would think negative (body image related) thoughts. Now, I am waking up each and every morning feeling proud of myself, energized, and I have a definite increase in my confidence. My ability to cope with stressful situations has improved drastically. I work in health care and deal with a variety of people/patients/family members who, to be frank, would easily aggravate me. I am now much more calm and relaxed and trust that I can handle anything that is thrown at me (without having an internal “adult temper tantrum”).  I rarely experience “hangry” moods anymore (hangry= so hungry that I become angry). My approach to food has changed, such that I truly think of food as a fuel to make me feel better (no longer a reward or treat for having survived the day). I come home from work and I am no longer immediately needing to eat dinner (my first dinner) at 5:00 pm, followed by (my embarrassing) second dinner around 8:30 pm. Rather, now I come home and have enough energy to actually do chores, run errands that I would have normally written off for the weekend and even workout. I never used to consider myself a poor sleeper because it would be common for me to go to bed around 8:00 pm and sleep all the way through to my alarm. I now realize I no longer NEED to be in bed at 8pm, I no longer NEED my 10-12 hours of sleep to feel rested. I am currently going to bed at a reasonable (adult hour) and instead of laying in bed feeling restless, I am passed out in T-minus 3 minutes. Headaches? Well those are pretty much a thing of the past! And if you knew my headache history at all you, wouldn’t believe it. About 8 years ago I had a physician tell me that I had “chronic daily migraine syndrome” which essentially meant that I was going to have a terrible headache for the rest of my life and need to take daily pain killers to survive. Boy was he wrong!
Amanda has been instrumental in my success on the Just Nutrition program. She has been there as a coach every step of the way and I have no doubt in my mind that will ever change. I don’t consider this a diet, I truly believe I am changing my lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier about it! I am not going to lie- it takes commitment. However, once you start to SEE and FEEL the POSITIVE CHANGES, you will realize there is no turning back!
I am a 29 year old female who was a competitive athlete in a former life. I am approaching 4 weeks on the program and have entered phase 2. During phase 1, I lost 9lbs and 15 overall body inches and I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far.
Thank you Amanda and Just Nutrition improving my quality of life.
Jamie Bishop

Amanda, I would like to thank you for your time and dedication to your JUST NUTRITION program. I’ll admit I was skeptical in the beginning because I always hear about these fad diets but I’m not ashamed to say I was wrong….boy was I WRONG.  It’s not about doing it to lose a few lbs. to fit into a dress for an up-coming event or to look good for Summer and then pack it on again. To me it’s a change of life and paying attention to my diet and you made me see that.  Thanks to you and your efforts I’ve shed 20 lbs. in 2 months (you’re my witness…lol). More to go – bring on the CHALLENGE! I’m eating better, sleeping better and have lots more energy. I’ve always enjoyed working out but now I absolutely LOVE working out. I’ve got less stress on my body and mind and the aches I feel after every workout is actually “progress” in motion not “pain” due to stress on my joints.  GREAT WORK  Amanda – you truly know your stuff!

Thank you to Steve as well for the great boxing program. Together with the nutrition program I’ve reached my first goal and soon for more… STAY TUNED.

To anyone still hoeing and humming about it STOP and give it a try. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Claudine M