The Metabolic Code Program combines the Metabolic Code Questiionairre and Report along side the Metabolic Diet with all it’s many recources and support tools to make the program easy to use and understand. This combined with the LifeStyle Guidance portal where all your meal plans, recources, shopping lists and tracking tools are kept on your private interactive portal gives you everything you need to succeed.

The Metabolic Code Program is the only program that uses the proprietary Metabolic Code Questionnaire to identify five separate areas broken down into triads of metabolic imbalance or disruption, including:

  • Triad 1: Energy (Adrenal – Thyroid – Pancreas)
  • Triad 2: Resiliency (Gut – Immune – Brain)
  • Triad 3: Endurance (Cardio – Pulmonary – Neuro-Vascular)
  • Triad 4: Detoxification (Liver – Lymph – Kidneys)
  • Triad 5: Potency (Testosterone – Estrogen – Progesterone)

The extensive questionnaire will identify your own personal risk areas with solutions to overcome them.



The Just Nutrition Lifestyle Guidance Portal interactively connects you with your Health Coach and incorporates the Just Nutrition Metabolic Code Diet. On your personal portal you will have access to your daily meals, recipes and shopping lists as well as all your Metabolic Code step by step resources to guide you through each phase of the program. You will also have the the ability to track food, activity and your progress. From the Just Nutrition LifeStyle Gudiance Portal you will receive daily emails of your meal plan for the day which includes pictures, full recipies, nutritional values and snacks.

The diet is broken down into 3 phases: Phase 1 or Quick Start, Phase 2 or Discover and Rebuild, and Phase 3, Maintain.

Phase 1 Quick Start: called this because it is a time of quick weight loss due to the low glycemic load foods and the removal of the most potent allergenic foods

Phase 2 Discover & Rebuild: helps you discover which foods your body tolerates and those it doesn’t, through a system of reintroducing some food allergens as well as starchy foods.

Phase 3 Maintain: teaches you how to follow your new eating plan for life.

As you discover the effects of an anti-inflammatory, low glycemic load and low allergen diet, the rewards can be many – weight loss, better energy and stamina, clearer thinking, improved sleep quality, and fewer aches and pains.

The Just Nutrition Metabolic Code program has been made for you to have greater understanding about your health in an easy to understand format. With the tools and resources it provides along with the assistance of your personal Health Coach you will be able to succeed with your health and wellness goals. 

The Just Nutrition Metabolic Code Program is a complete program that includes Health Coaching, Metabolic Testing, Meal Plans with proven results. We recommend this program as the most successful way to achieve your weight loss goals.  

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